Powering Positive Action

Software-as-a-Service Impact Technology

M&C offers a suite of friendly, accessible and easy to use proprietary white label activity-tracking mobile and hybrid technologies that focus on Millennial engagement for public sector and workplace campaigns. These include:

Impact Bots

Personalized AI-powered chatbots for social action

  • Discover positive actions to do nearby
  • Enjoy trustable content
  • Earn Rewards for doing good
  • See what your friends and co-workers are doing
  • Celebrate collective impact with Impact Report Cards

Learned Acts of Kindness for Everyone (LAKE)

A software-as-a-service AI-powered solution that educates, tracks, showcases and rewards people for skills development and actions that build kindness, dignity, equity and inclusivity in the workplace.

  • Improved presenteeism
  • Increased inclusivity
  • Improved moral
  • Reduction in workplace harassment
  • Decreased acts of violence and microaggressions

“MC2 allows asynchronous, distributed dedication to a common cause — a gentle combination of friendship building, peer pressure, fun, doing good, and togetherness. Proud to be an Investor and Advisor.”

Stephen R. Pratt
former global lead of Watson for IBM